Professional Supervision

 Learning Edge Supervision  - with individuals or in small groups.

"The answer to any difficulty can be found in the problem."

Workplace difficulties provide opportunity to widen skills, enhance personal effectiveness and improve working practice.


Individuals are encouraged to recognise and take responsibility for their input into relationships with colleagues and clients. Increased personal awareness leads to shifts in perception that improve the ability to work effectively and find creative solutions. 

Supervision invites the professional to recognise how their work with their colleagues and clients often reflects their own process, and that they may require a shift in their own perception, in order for them to work more effectively.

These supervision sessions will enhance working practice, increase personal awareness and widen the participant's ability to work more effectively, through their own work and by witnessing the work of others.

Supervision is for an individual or is given in small groups with an Interface Senior Team Supervisor.

Interface Services, Riverside Centre, Tanner St, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 2BQ.