Anger Management


"To effectively work with others, professionals must have insight into their own attitude to anger, as well as a sound understanding of the psychodynamics underlying anger and violence."


Our Anger Management programmes have turned around the lives of over 400 participants during the past five years. They have promoted responsibility and enhanced working relationships within the workplace and continue to be a potent tool used by organisations and individuals for personal development and teamwork.


Three Day Anger Management Intensive


Anger and aggression in the work place will be looked at through the impact of familial and cultural conditioning. Participants will be invited to recognise and review the effect their own habits and coping strategies that they may have within a professional context.

Those on this course will learn about themselves and others in a way that excites their interest and promotes better practice. This course is popular for staff and management groups.

Training Course in Anger Management 


Our most popular course: 6 x 1.5 hours of group work, co-facilitated by two professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists specialising in Anger Management.

Held once a week over a period of 2 months. This training course gives participants time to reflect upon, practise and consolidate the personal and professional skills and insights that they gain. Suitable for both client and staff groups.


The course builds upon the personal experience and present skill base of participants. Theoretical work is illustrated by experiential exercises and participants are invited to bring their personal and work experience to the group, throughout the programme.

Both of these course formats can be tailored for your organisation and clients.




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