Leadership Training

    • In order to improve personal and managerial skill it is necessary to re-evaluate habitual behaviours and self-defeating patterns.

  • This program will address managerial ambitions and concerns with each participant, individually and within the group. Participants will be invited to recognise what is holding back their present performance. 
  • They will learn how to enhance their skills and extend more fully into their potential.

Expected Outcomes

  • Top managers and potential leaders will be motivated to improve performance outcomes. 
  • They will be able to utilise their own and others skills more effectively.
  • Interpersonal and core issues will be recognised, understood and addressed effectively. 
  • They will be empowered to straight-talk and trouble shoot personal and team difficulties through to creative outcomes.








Interface Services, Riverside Centre, Tanner St, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 2BQ.